Please note, due to the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation, although the 2020 finalists were shortlisted, we were unable to host the finals last year. As a result, this year on July 28th, 2021, the 3 finalists in Toronto have been invited to present their cocktails before the PROMPERU Canada appointed VIP judges to select a 1st Place Grand Prize Winning Cocktail. Upon doing so, we shall be formally announcing the winner on July 29th via Instagram and presenting the winner with their prize for redemption once travel restrictions have been lifted by both Canada and Peru, and safe to do so.

The Montreal finalists will be hosted to present their cocktails before the panel in early August 2021. Once dates are finalized we shall update this webpage and communicate with the finalists and the public via our Instagram profile @PISCOPeruPlease.

2021 PISCO Week Canada Cocktail Contest Rules

Hosted for the Toronto and Montreal areas. Finalists will be selected in each region and awarded a grand prize in each region.


Promperu Canada is an organization responsible for the commercial promotion of exports, tourism and investments, as well as the opening and consolidation of foreign markets.


Contest reserved for bartenders participating in Pisco Week 2021 (Toronto and Montreal). The competition will take place from July 1 to August 10, 2021. It will be organized in two parts: a preliminary phase and a final event.

Preliminary Phase:

Participants must confirm their application by sending their recipe for an original Pisco-based cocktail accompanied by a photo in High Resolution to LINK GOOGLE FORM from July 1st until July 27th , 2021 at 11:59 p.m.

The recipes will be published/shared on the official social networks of Pisco Week Canada in the order they are received. Participants are encouraged to share, like and engage their communities to checkout and share their cocktails, but this year will NOT be judged based on engagement.

The PROMPERU appointed VIP judges will evaluate the cocktails and select three finalists using the following scoring criteria:

PISCO Week Canada Cocktail Contest Evaluation Criteria

The list of the three finalists will be communicated after deliberation of the judges, in early September 2021 and announced publicly via Instagram, and official announcement via this official Pisco Week website.

Final Event:

The finalists will compete in front of the PROMPERU appointed VIP judges, which will determine the #1 PISCO Cocktail Grand Prize winner, in early September (subject to the ever evolving COVID-19 situation).


The final is reserved for the three shortlisted bartenders from all of the Pisco Week 2021 cocktails submitted, who will have been designated as the official  “2021 Finalists” for both Toronto and Montreal (a total of 6 finalists).

If one of the participating bartenders cancels or retracts their participation before the final, the organizers reserve the right to replace them with another bartender in line for the shortlist.

If a finalist does not show up for the final event (upon being given 2-weeks notice), they will be disqualified.


Each bartender must prepare three identical cocktails according to the recipe they presented during the finals for the judges.

Each participant will have 10-minutes of preparation before entering the stage, then 5-minutes before the judges, to explain their creation to the judges in English.

Any time overrun will result in a penalty of 5 points for every 30-seconds.

An assistant will be available to help the bartenders to set up and clear the stage and bar for preparation.

Evaluation and Judges:

The performance of the candidates and their cocktails will be evaluated by three PROMPERU Canada appointed VIP judges.

According to the evaluation sheet, each candidate will be assigned a score. The candidate with the highest score will be designated as the first place, GRAND PRIZE winner.

PISCO Week Canada Cocktail Contest Evaluation Criteria

Visual and Taste Assessment:

  • Balance and combination of flavours: The jury will assess how the flavours interact and balance each other. They will assess the drink based on how the Pisco is used and how the other ingredients match and complement each other.
  • Creativity: The jury will assess the originality in the combination of the ingredients, the originality of the methods and the originality of the presentation.
  • Sensory impression: From a sensory point of view, is the drink pleasant and attractive? Is this a drink that you would buy again if, for example, you were in a bar? Assessing the appearance and appeal of the drink includes, but is not limited to dishes, garnishes, accessories and the drink itself.
  • Visual appeal: From a visual point of view only, is the drink attractive? Would its visual appeal make you want to buy and taste such a drink if, for example, you were in a bar?
  • Impression of the taste of the drink: From a taste point of view only, how pleasant is the drink? Would you buy it again if, for example, you were in a bar?
  • Body / Mouth sensation: The jury will assess whether the body / mouth feel of the drink is pleasant and corresponds to what is expected for this type of drink.

Professional assessment:

  • Performance: this criterion translates the way in which the candidates captivate the jury, as well as the self-confidence, juggling and style they display in making cocktails. General hygiene throughout the presentation, as well as service skills, warmth, personality, body language, professionalism and tone will also be taken into account.
  • Cocktails professionally prepared: Any method can be used to prepare cocktails: shaker, mix or assemble, but the ingredients measured, poured and mixed on stage will be favoured. Points will reward creativity, softness, control and precision of gestures such as mixing / shaking or blending, measurement of spirits and ingredients, pouring into the container of the drink, etc.
  • Commercial applicability: The jury will assess whether the method of preparation of the drink, the ingredients used and the final presentation of the drink are applicable to businesses. The highest points will be awarded when the jury decide that the drink could have practical application and significant success with consumers. Candidates are free to explain which market their drink is aimed and to give any information on its commercial applicability.


Each juror will award a certain number of points, by evaluation criterion, on a scale of 0 to 5 (Not acceptable = 0 Acceptable / Fair = 1 Average = 2 Good = 3 Excellent = 4 Extraordinary = 5). Half points are allowed from 0 to 5. Jury are encouraged to use the full range of scores. Low scores indicate a service with low value, high scores indicate a service with high value. Certain criteria to be evaluated may be more important when they have multipliers by x2 or x4.

The final score of the candidate will be obtained by adding the total of the points on the evaluation sheets of each member of the jury and removing any time penalties.


If there is a tie between two or more participants, the candidate with the highest score in the “Balance and combination of flavours” criterion will be favoured before any other candidate with the same total competition score. If the tied competitors have the same score in this first criterion, the candidate with the highest score in the “Creativity” criterion will be favoured. If there is still a tie in these first two criteria, the score manager will continue to analyze the criteria in the order defined in the evaluation sheet and will favour the candidate with the highest score in the first criterion.

Contest Calendar:

From July 28th until August 28th submission of applications by sending photos and recipes here.

August 28th to August 30th, 2021: deliberation of the Judges and announcement of the three finalists on August 31st, 2021, along with the dates for the live finals before the Judges.

Early September, date TBC: Final judging event and announcement of the overall winner.

Fees and expenses:

No entry fees. However, competitors are responsible for providing their own ingredients, including alcohol, as well as all the materials necessary for the preparation and presentation of their cocktails (3 glasses, shaker, etc.).

During the Final, nothing will be provided by the organizers. Only water and ice cubes will be supplied, as well as other glasses to serve cocktails to the audience.

All expenses related to the preparation of cocktails, equipment, transport and travel of the finalist bartenders to get to the final will be fully covered by the candidates. The organizers will not bear any expenses of the participants.

Prize details:

All 3 finalist will receive a certificate of participation in the 2021 Pisco Week Canada Cocktail Contest.

A grand prize winner will be chosen at the end of the final. The prize for the winner consists of a stay in the country of Pisco: Peru. Includes:

– 1 roundtrip air ticket to Peru
– 2-nights in Lima
– 2-nights in Cusco
– The organization of a private tour of a Pisco vineyard

Travel dates are subject to the availability of hotels and flights, when safe travel resumes.

The impediment of the winner to benefit, in whole or in part, from the price allocated and determined under the conditions which will have been explained to him, of his fact, for any reason whatsoever, makes him lose the profit without any possibility of reimbursement or matching of any kind.

The price is non-transferable, non-modifiable and non-transferable.

The organizers cannot be held responsible for any incident / accident that may occur during the use of the prize.

Special mentions:

Cannot compete: the members of the panel, the organizers of this competition as well as the members of their family (spouses, ascendants, descendants and first-degree collaterals).

The fact of participating implies, on the part of the candidates, the outright acceptance and compliance with these rules, with no possibility of complaint as to the results. The latter cannot give rise to contestation, the jury being sovereign and not having to justify their decision.

The organizers reserve the right to publish the participants’ recipes by their various means of communication, with the credit allocated to the competitor as far as possible.

The organizers reserve the right for any reason whatsoever, to modify, extend, shorten, suspend or cancel this competition without notice, without being held liable for this fact. No compensation may be requested by the contest participants.

This operation is neither organized nor sponsored by Facebook or Instagram.